Disney’s “The Finest Hours” Movie Premiere

This week was the world premiere of Disney’s new movie, The Finest Hours. This was a great opportunity for Disney to show their public relations expertise. I think that Disney executed this premiere perfectly for several different reasons.

Several months ago, the movie was announced. Movie posters went up and the trailers were released. This created initial interest in the movie. People were excited about the movie and the actors in it.

Personally, I thought it looked like a really good movie and the Disney title made me even more interested because it seems like Disney can’t make a bad movie.

This initial spread of information made people make a mental note to see it.

As I said, that was several months ago. This week was the world premiere. Disney made several public relations moves that were extremely valuable to the success of the movie.

First of all, a red carpet event is always a good way to spread the news. Any event including high profile actors is a great PR situation.

Second, Disney created a Snapchat story for the event. This was a great way to spread the word to their fans. I think Disney makes brilliant decisions when it comes to any social media platform, but that’s a post for another day!

Third, Disney invited members of the United States Coast to the premiere. Some of the men were involved in the rescue mission that the movie is based on. I think this was a great way to honor the real story and get even more people involved. Not to mention, it helped their public image in general.

Overall, this was a great even for Disney and I think it was executed exceptionally well. CBS covered the event here.


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