Two Disney PR Situations

Last week, there were two big events surrounding Disney that I want to talk about, they are two unrelated events, but I think they are both interesting from a Public Relations point of view.

First, Disney released an article about the voice actors in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. In the movie credits, there was a section called “Additional Voices.” In the article, they announced which lines were said by each of those voice actors.

I think this was a cool thing for Disney to do. First, it gave the super fans a new piece of trivia. Star Wars probably has one of the biggest followings for any book/movie series–aside from Harry Potter maybe. I think it’s a really valuable PR tactic to keep releasing new information for those super fans.

The timing of the release was also very significant. Star Wars is still playing in theaters and it’s still doing well. However, the hype has definitely died down a lot in the past few weeks. After this announcement, people will want to re-watch the movie to pick out those lines and see if they can hear the actors.

This announcement definitely helped rebuild some of the hype. For this reason, it won’t surprise me if they keep releasing new nuggets of information from time to time over the next couple of weeks.


The second thing that happened within Disney this week was a family filing a lawsuit. According to a report from the associated press, a family was vacationing at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, when an escaped snake fell from a tree and bit their son. The grandmother, in her late 80s, was allegedly scared to death.

I was really intrigued to see how Disney responded. I wondered if they would apologize and take measures to fix the problem. However, I was surprised to see that Disney denied the validity of the story. They said that it was a wild snake, not escaped, and that the after the nonpoisonous bite, the family continued their day in the park.

In my opinion, it sounds like the family was just trying to find a way to make money from the situation. It sounds like Disney thought the same thing, too, and I think it was very bold of them dispel the story in the way that they did.


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