Snapchat Red Bull Adventure with Shonduras

Snapchat is the relatively new kid on the social media block, but it is becoming more and more popular by the day.

For a while, it seemed like YouTube was the only social media platform where individuals could become successful and “famous.” However, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine started joining the ranks a few years ago. I think Snapchat has officially caught up in the past year or so.

Because of its unique type of content, many businesses aren’t sure how to ride the momentum and use Snapchat for promotion.

One huge company, however, finally figured it out.

Recently, Red Bull reached out to famous snapchatter, Shonduras to collaborate on an epic Snapchat story. Shonduras and two of his friends left their keys and wallets at home and only used their phones for social media. Their goal was to get to Salt Lake City using only social media and Red Bull. They got bikes at a thrift store, got someone to buy them food, and so much more, all in exchange for Red Bull. All of it was documented on Shonduras’ popular Snapchat account.

This campaign really shows the power of social media. He was able to get to Salt Lake and do some fun activities all through Snapchat and Twitter. Several of his fans found him and gave him rides, bought him food, and paid for activities.

In my public relations nerd opinion, the most exciting part was when a company contacted him via Twitter and said they’d trade their baby products for Red Bull. This was a genius move on the company’s part. They were clearly monitoring social media really well. Based on their research, they knew he had a baby, which made their company relevant to his life–and potentially the lives of his followers. They knew that if they could get him to come, they would receive valuable promotion and reach a new audience. Newsjacking at its finest, ladies and gentlemen!

At the end of the Snapchat story, Shonduras announced that Red Bull was launching this challenge on a global scale. Red Bull wants teams to sign up for the challenge, free of charge, and try to get across Europe using only Red Bull and social media.

I think this is an awesome way for Red Bull to get more publicity. The Snapchat Story alone did a lot of good, but when the people who take the challenge start their adventures, there will be a lot of buzz. I’m excited to see what happens!


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