#ShareYourEars Campaign

Most peoDCP PICple have heard about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Trips to Disneyland and Disney World are popular wishes, which has resulted in over 100,000 wishes granted by Disney, as well as many joint efforts between the two companies through the years.
Earlier this month, a big joint effort was made in the form of a social media campaign. Disney and Make-A-Wish unveiled a series of YouTube videos like this one to promote the campaign. The videos and accompanying social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. guided fans to a simple website informing the public about the campaign and how to participate. The website also provided a place for donations.

As for the campaign itself, Disney and Make-A-Wish launched #ShareYourEars on February 29. Disney promised to donate five dollars to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for every picture of individuals with “Mickey Ears” shared with the hashtag, up to one million dollars.

The last day of the campaign was March 14, and Disney celebrated with a press conference with Sleeping Beauty’s castle as the backdrop. There were speakers from both organizations that delivered short, heart-warming addresses. In true Disney fashion, the conference turned into a theatrical musical performance about wishes coming true. Only Disney could pull off a press conference evolving into singing and dancing!

To top it off, at the end of the performance, a spokesperson announced that Disney would double their promised amount to prove that wishes really do come true. I have no doubt that Disney planned to donate $2 million from the beginning, but the announcement still had the desired effect.

This campaign successfully served its purpose and benefited both organizations. As a result, not only did The Make-A-Wish Foundation receive a huge donation from Disney, but they also received a huge amount of publicity that led to more donations from the public. On the other hand, Disney got to publicize its philanthropic work and get people interacting on social media to boost its image—as if it even needed a boost.

Over all, I think this was a brilliant campaign because of the way it benefited two well-known organizations in a huge way. It appeared to be pulled off without a hitch and successfully got people talking.

Congratulations to Make-A-Wish and Disney for pulling off such an awesome campaign!



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