Disney Nails Zootopia Social Media Campaign

One of the coolest social media campaigns I’ve seen lately (maybe even ever) is the promotion of the new Disney movie, “Zootopia.” The promotion brought in so many different components, it was hard to keep track.

The very first aspect of the campaign that I saw was interactive movie posters. This doesn’t seem like a social media-related tactic, but the interactivity encouraged viewers to take pictures, and then share on social media sites.

zootopia movie poster.jpg

The second step was releasing movie posters on social media. The poseters were shared on several different platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

After that, for a few months leading up to the premiere, Disney was releasing even more visual content across all of the platforms. In addition, they released more and more previews of the movie through teaser trailers, full-length trailers, and movie clips on a few different YouTube channels, which were then shared on other platforms. By this point, they had spread so much content across so many platforms, that most people knew about the movie and were getting excited about it.

The last initiative I saw was Disney reaching out to a few different Youtubers and Viners to create collaborative content. They released a video with MirandaSings and a video with NickPitera. They also released a video in the style of Zack King, a popular viner. These videos came out less than a week before the movie. I think the purpose was to do one last big push to get awareness for the movie and to encourage people to go see it.

Overall, I thought the campaign was very effective. Disney did a great job of pushing a lot of content in many different formats to reach a large and broad audience.


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