Motion Photography

This week, I learned about capturing motion in photography. I learned that for capturing frozen motion, I need to use a faster shutter speed, while capturing blurred motion requires a slower shutter speed. I did two different shoots to get the best shots possible. I took some friends up to Grand Targhee Ski Resort in Wyoming. … Continue reading Motion Photography


The Space Between Us Facebook Ad

  The new movie, “The Space Between Us” is coming out in a couple weeks. It looks like a really cool chick-flick/sci-fi movie that will appeal to many different audiences. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see it! Today, while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I happened upon a video advertisement for … Continue reading The Space Between Us Facebook Ad

Introducing Nikki and Her “Medeocre-At-Best” Photography

Hello peers and fellow classmates! Welcome to my blog! I just got my own domain and re-did the design, so I’m pretty excited about it! Please excuse the excessive use of exclamation points. I’m just really excited about this class! My name is Nikki Elliott, and I am not a photographer. I have basically zero … Continue reading Introducing Nikki and Her “Medeocre-At-Best” Photography