The Space Between Us Facebook Ad


The Space Between Us 3The new movie, “The Space Between Us” is coming out in a couple weeks. It looks like a really cool chick-flick/sci-fi movie that will appeal to many different audiences. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see it!

Today, while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I happened upon a video advertisement for the movie. While seeing an advertisement for a movie isn’t an uncommon occurrence for me, this particular ad caught my eye.

The video was 30 seconds long. It showed clips from the movie, much like a teaser trailer, but it had a little bit of text overlaying the video. In my opinion, that was the first well-thought out move made by the creative team behind the ad. They knew that when people are scrolling through their feed and see a video, they often don’t unmute it. They’ll watch for a few seconds, but if their interest isn’t piqued, they’ll keep on scrolling. People are also lazy (or in class), so they very rarely unmute videos even if The Space Between Us 2they are interested. Instead, they opt to read the subtitles. In fact, the first time I watched the video, I didn’t unmute it. I actually watched it a second time to hear it as well.

Having that text overlay the clips allowed viewers to receive the full message even though they couldn’t hear it. When I went back to view the ad with the sound, I found that the words on the screen were the exact same words the stereo-typical narrator voice was saying. Since we’ve all heard the kind of voice I’m talking about, we aren’t missing anything but the music, which adds, but isn’t critical to understanding the message.

The second thing I really liked about the ad was the length of the clips. Each clip in the video was only one or two seconds long. These days, humans are used to getting a lot information very quickly. We watch a seemingly endless series of five- to ten-second video clips when we watch Snapchat Stories. We see a ridiculous amount of photos when we scroll quickly through Instagram. We search “cat” on Google Images and, in seconds, have millions of cat memes waiting to be giggled at. Okay, now I’m just distracted… The point is that the quick clips in the ad keep viewers interested.

The only potential weakness in the ad is the total length of the video. Personally, I’ll watch a long video if I’m intrigued, but for most, even a thirty-second video won’t be able to hold their attention. However, when searching the “The Space Between Us” Facebook page, I found that they created several different styles of advertisements. The Space Between Us 1They had shorter videos, longer videos, photos with graphic overlays, and everything in between. I think they covered every type of viewer to ensure maximum viewing.

I think the purpose of this specific ad was to drive viewers to “like” to the official Facebook page for the movie. There is a “like” button in the top corner of the ad. This allows people to “like” the page without leaving their feed. Nothing is worse than losing your place in your Facebook feed. Once they’ve pushed the button, viewers have opened themselves up to further advertisement for the movie in their feed. The number of likes, shares, comments, and views will determine whether the campaign was successful. Judging by the amount of views so far, I think the ad, as well as the campaign as a whole, is doing a great job promoting the movie.


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