Fine Art Display

I was so beyond excited when I found out my photo was chosen to be displayed in a gallery on my school campus! I am extremely proud of the skills I’ve learned and the talents I’ve discovered. At the beginning of these three months, I had barely touched a DSLR camera, and now, here I am displaying the art I created! It’s so exciting!
I didn’t choose this photo to be displayed, but I think if I had been in charge, I would have chosen this one anyway. I love the way the wallpaper in the house deteriorated and the eerie look of the floating chair.

I had the opportunity to join my classmates for a photography excursion to a ghost town in Montana called Bannack. A few of us went into this unassuming run-down house. As I said before, I loved the way the wallpaper was deteriorating and wanted to take a photo of it.

One of our assignments was to experiment with levitation photography, so I thought it would be the perfect backdrop. We had the chair with us, and I just happened upon a slanted table. I set the chair on top of the table, and took some time setting up the perfect shot. Then, I took out the chair and the table, and took a photo of the background.

Later, I layered the two photos in Photoshop and masked out the table. I cropped it and straightened it a bit, too. Then, I upped the exposure, contrast, and vibrance until the colors were exactly where I wanted them.

I printed the photo at a local print & copy place. I chose a 16 X 24 inch size, glossy finish, and had it mounted. It ended up costing around $16.

I’m really happy with how this print turned out, and I am so happy I got to share it with a broader audience by displaying it.

Visit my Creative and Portrait photography posts too see more shots from Bannack, Montana.


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