Disney Announces Partnership with New Balance

This week, Disney announced that they will be partnering with New Balance, a leader in fitness footwear and apparel. They announced this on the Disney Parks Blog in the form of a blog post and video. The blog post and video talk about how there are over 16 miles of running paths throughout the Disney … Continue reading Disney Announces Partnership with New Balance


Two Disney PR Situations

Last week, there were two big events surrounding Disney that I want to talk about, they are two unrelated events, but I think they are both interesting from a Public Relations point of view. First, Disney released an article about the voice actors in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. In the movie credits, there was … Continue reading Two Disney PR Situations

Disney’s “The Finest Hours” Movie Premiere

This week was the world premiere of Disney's new movie, The Finest Hours. This was a great opportunity for Disney to show their public relations expertise. I think that Disney executed this premiere perfectly for several different reasons. Several months ago, the movie was announced. Movie posters went up and the trailers were released. This created … Continue reading Disney’s “The Finest Hours” Movie Premiere